Wilderness Generation
— 2018

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Wilderness Generation is a 3D reenaction set in the empty ruins of the former municipality-sponsored studio space Gabirol, in Tel Aviv - deemed one of the most expensive cities in the world. This is where an array of designers and artists were forced out after a prolific rental deal was signed between a technology startup company and the rental administration company.

The virtual eyes swiftly moves inside and outside the 3D reenaction moves around the empty compartments, in a visual and philosophical meditation on the topic of capital and physical space.

By juxtaposing the 'scanned' abandoned space, stripped off of its former atelier look, with the joyful speech of Adam Neumann, an Israeli entrepreneur mostly known as the CEO of WeWork - a 21st century version of a real estate mogul.

In his sweet-talking to the investors, one can find many weird, meaningless expressions and faux 'visions' of making the world better. With the visual space that is viewed partly like ancient ruins, partly like a war target awaiting a direct hit by a smart missile, One can only come to the conclusion that this generation is a modern-day example of the biblical 'Wilderness Generation', who patiently awaited to enter the promised holy land, but sadly, were under a curse, and passed away on the desert without ever reaching their paradise.

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