Bio ︎

Ronnie Karfiol holds a BFA in Multidisciplinary Arts from Shenkar college of Art, Engineering & Design, Tel Aviv. She has also studied Media Technology and Animation at the H.A.W. University Hamburg, Germany. Her work has exhibited in museums such as Petach Tikva Museum of Art & Nahum Guttman museum as well as in galleries like SPEKTRUM Berlin, Galleria R+ Poland & the Center of Contemporary Art (CCA) Tel Aviv. Furthermore, her films screened in Europe and the US on national and international film and media festivals, including DocAviv, Print Screen, EMAF - European Media Art Festival, Germany and Currents Festival for new media, USA. She is the recipient of Margaret & Sylvan Adams Prize for young Israeli artist (2017), the Mifal HaPais Council for Arts (2018) and the Ministry of Culture Independent Artists’ grant (2019) and the Rabinovich Foundation (2020).

In 2020 She was a web resident at the joint intiative between ZKM Museum [de] and Akademie Solitude [de]. In 2018, she was an artist-in-residence at Cripta747, Italy. Her works are part of the collections in both the Guttman Museum [IL] and the Herzliya Museum of Contemorary Art [IL].

Karfiol’s work focuses on new media techniques, often countering themes within the obscured borders of technology and humanity; and interrogating how new political, theological and social structures form and thrive in these new portals of being.
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Artist Statement ︎

Locating her studio within the internet-realm, Ronnie Karfiol seeks to render new thoughts and reflect upon the blurring, obscured frontlines between humanity and technology in the anthroposcene.

Her artistic means to this end are new media techniques; from 3D animation renders to 3D printing, web-based installations and AR. Karfiol makes use of these tools to further explore different social and political sea-changes through various interfaces and technological quasi- revolutions. That way, the philosophical, artistic exploration is in an alignment with the practical work in the artist’s studio.

This exploration, and the dedication to animate the allegory of control behind every seemingly innocent interface, aims to reach the viewer at a pace more fit for this time and space - not as a passive viewer, but rather, as an active participator in the acute play of our times.  

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