Ronnie Karfiol


Commissioned by NDR Network Germany

The video work Videostolperstein (Memory Stone in Video) has been created as part of an exchange semester in HAW University Hamburg. During a special class with NDR TV Network Germany (North Germany Main Broadcaster), students were offered to create short animation videos based on narration of the holocaust experience. Being the only Jewish student, the artist has decided to pull her grand-grandmother narration recording of her Auschwitz memories.

The following video is using archival photographs (from Yad Vashem online archive) depicting the building of the Auschwitz-Birkenau KZ. The photographs are invereted and moshed, to let the glitch effect distort their clean, aesthetical qualities and expose the unfolding horrors from beneath. The sound narration is in Hebrew with distinct Yiddish accent, and the sounds of the tape recording were multiplied, in the way that they resemble a horror factory, static industrial tones.

Videostolperstein has won two prestigious prizes in Germany:
- Karl H. Witze prize for the best student project, 2015 (Hamburg, Germany)
- Crossmediale prize for cross-platform media initiatives (Germany)

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