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Tabula Rasa ︎

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Tabula Rasa by Ronnie Karfiol is part of the the Beit Hansen Gallery exhibition
Excavation Mark

Tabula Rasa is an installation AR work making use of the tension between traditional practices of memorization and contemporary rituals of mourning. In an artistic act that stems from the changing nature of documenting the human memory in the Big Data age, Ronnie Karfiol installs a set of memorial stickers with a black rose. As they wear these stickers on their blouses , gallery visitors can ressuract and hold, using Augmented Reality, an archeological-looking stone engraved with an ancient language. This language is actually a hyper contemporary graphical language of emojis, translating the often-mislooked “Legacy for Memorization” contract. This contract, allowing the social network Facebook to hold and preserve very personal and sensitive user data, even after they pass away.

Site-specific ARweb installation,
Commisioned for Beit Hansen Gallery, Jerusalem
Part of “Excavation Mark: Reveal, Preserve, Glorify!” (Curator: Amit Shemma)
Part of Manofim Festival for Art, Jerusalem


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