Ronnie Karfiol


Survival Gadgets

Survival Gadgets is a series of sculptures, or “gadgets”. This series examines speculative, printable 3D gadgets as agents in the construction of social reality and speculates the construction of an alternate reality by use of an alternate, refugee-powered, social survival technology – the survival of the 21st century.

Although the gadgets are speculative - each one of them is modelled after a very specific need that refugees expressed online. These needs are real problems, like losing track of a small child on the way. However, the finished look and “design” of the gadgets makes them look rather surreal, almost alien.

Survival Gadgets speculates an alternative reality, one constructed by a 3D printer and anonymous engineers. In contrast to the hyper-real, absolute, discreet and fragmented 3D printing happening today, this printing is used to create fully functional survival kits and gadgets. And so, Survival Gadgets proposes an abstract, relative, continuous and object oriented filter to view the refugee criss through which to perceive the world beyond.

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