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Shin 神 שין 1 tutorial

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In Hebrew, Israel’s native language, Shin is the name of the first-before-last alphabetical letter (ש) and its shape embodies the spiritual meaning of - fierce change; burning and transforming. As such, it traditionally symbolizes the connection between the depths below and the highs above.

As an Israeli new media artist originally from Tel Aviv, Israel, I moved to East Asia two years ago. During that time I have developed a new body of work that connects the traditions of Jewish secret mythology of Kabbalah, together with impressions from contemporary culture of RPG games that dominate East Asia, such as Genshin Impact.

In Shin, I am reflecting on the notion of being both a stranger physically but a local digitally, as a young woman fluent in game culture.
Through the image and dual character of the Shin (using the Chinese pronunciation of the Kanji - 神) which is also the name of the ש Hebrew letter) I create the vision of an entity, partly a Seraph, a frightening, mythological Jewish angel, and partly a non-traditional, queer self portrait of a woman looking to find her own vantage point in this world.

Commisioned for Ona Untitled Space, Tokyo, Japan

Curator: Lital Bar Noy
Gallery Directors: Rio Usuii, Ewelina Skowronska

single channel installation, 3:03 min.

3D prints (resin, FDM)
wax, feathers

Japanese Furigana notebook

3D Rig & Animation: Ronnie Karfiol
3D Printing: Keisuke Inoue Furigana Notebook: 7-eleven Japan

Special thanks to Ishay for additional 3D printing

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