Ronnie Karfiol



Saturnee (My Return)

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In Saturnee, the artist examines a 3D render of herself made three years ago, shortly before the start of what traditional Babylonian/Greek astrology deems as one’s first saturn return, a time in which the slowest planet to circulate, return to its position at one’s time of birth. Technically, this event lasts around 2-2.5 years and begins at the end of one’s twenties. 

For Karfiol, this is a time in which she relocated to Seoul, Korea, to further her studies and artistic research, and remained during her Saturn Return period. 

Coincidentally, Seoul lies at the culmination of her Astrocartographical line of Saturn.

Fabricating the 3D render into the gallery and re-working on the model to make it print-ready, a circle of roots appeared as a ‘stabilizer’ to the head sculpture itself. 

Comissioned for Koresh Gallery Jerusalem, 2023
Curator: Dveer Shaked

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⸮ϱniϱniƨ ɘd oƨlɒ ɘɿɘʜɈ lliW
.ϱniϱniƨ ɘd oƨlɒ lliw ɘɿɘʜɈ ,ƨɘY
.ƨɘmiɈ ʞɿɒb ɘʜɈ ɈυodA

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