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Relief & Monitoring, or: Internet of Refugees


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Relief & Monitoring (Internet of Refugees) is a project based on web-research, visual and experiental, and devoted to the unseen side of the first refugee crisis of the 21st century - the technological survival.

During 2015-2016 I have followed secret online groups of Syrian and Iraqi refugees. After carefully studying their new methods of survival, it was clear they rely heavily on use of smartphone applications and other new technologies. In a social web environement where refugees, activists and smugglers post alike, a dark horizon of post-humanism unfolds. The found materials from the online groups are presented on this online archive:

The project itself contains, besides of the archive, 2 single-channel video works and five (5) 3D printed speculative objects.

Internet of Refugees, named after the Internet of Things (IOT) phenomena, is an experimental artistic documentary project. Its main aim is to reflect upon this new era of forced depopulation where people are becoming mere ‘technolgical’ objets by looking through a specific prism.

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⸮ϱniϱniƨ ɘd oƨlɒ ɘɿɘʜɈ lliW
.ϱniϱniƨ ɘd oƨlɒ lliw ɘɿɘʜɈ ,ƨɘY
.ƨɘmiɈ ʞɿɒb ɘʜɈ ɈυodA

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