In Sickness & In Health ︎

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The “Totentanz” motif is a recurring theme in art history’s skies. Its first known origins come from the 14th century, when a post-Black Death Europe was exploring the loss. In Michael Volgemut’s etching, part of the Nuremberg Bible, the scene from Ezekiel book “Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones” appears, singing and dancing as a joyful group of skeletons. 

Similiarily, 500 years forward, Walt Disney’s macabre “skeleton dance” animation piece, made in the post-1929 economic collapse, shows a single skeleton unfolding into a group. 

In Sickness & In Health is the tragic-comic dance which takes place in the refuge of the private home. While public gatherins are being sanctioned, Zoom sessions in which stranger people dance together thrive.  

Commisioned for Bidud
Special covid-19 residency

Curators: Noy Haimovitz
Tamir Erlich

video installation, 1min.
English Audio with subtitles
FDM ABS Sculpture

Soundtrack: Gaga Virtual Classes

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