Ronnie Karfiol




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The Video work “Arsur” is a reflection on the passing of time in what was once a historical site. Arsur, known today as Apollonia-Arsuf, is a ruins of medieval castles. While the castle was notably used by crusaders, it was destroyed by the Mamluks later on. Arsur, a site indifferent to the current Israeli/Palestinian struggle, is almost foreign to the land in the way it lies atop the meditternean sea. 

The castle Arsur is seen not as a mere physical historical site per se, but as a polychronic entity in an animated 3D scan. Pseudo-historic memories appear and vanish, so to speak of the inability of the physical space to signify anything but humankind itself. The physical site of Arsur itself is at high risk according to UNESCO. The pull of the sea resulting in the collapse of larger parts of the castle’s ruins.


Commisioned for The Nachum Guttman Museum exhibition: 

Winner of the Independent Artists’ Fund Award 2020

Nov. 2019 - Apr.2020

Exhibition Curator: Tali Kyam
Museum Curator: Monica Lavi

Special thanks for the Museum technical team

video installation, sand

3D Scan Assistance: Arcan Lux 

Screenshots from Arsur
scanned ±2019

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רוני קרפיול