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Abracadabra by Ronnie Karfiol is part of the the CCA Exhibition “Silicon” 

Abracadabra is a video/animation work guiding the user through new methods of mummification as they are performed online by big data mammoths, a.k.a social media providers and data agencies.

The video follows a narrative “wizard” guide akin to a software installation, in which the performed ritual is that of mummificating not the physical body, but rather the spirit which is enveloped within the vast amount of data collected throughout a user’s lifetime online. 

Abracadabra is an ancient Hebrew spell, which literally means “To create as one speaks/To create with words”. It has been widely accepted since the Middle Ages as a powerful magical spell.

Commisioned for the Center of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
Curator: Chen Tamir

Running time: 8:08 min
English, English subs

ƨɘmiɈ ʞɿɒb ɘʜɈ nI
⸮ϱniϱniƨ ɘd oƨlɒ ɘɿɘʜɈ lliW
.ϱniϱniƨ ɘd oƨlɒ lliw ɘɿɘʜɈ ,ƨɘY
.ƨɘmiɈ ʞɿɒb ɘʜɈ ɈυodA

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